Magazine Gap - Swansong [Official Music Video]

  • A live in the studio, one-take performance of Magazine Gap's popular ballad, originally recorded in Hollywood at Capitol Studios.
    "A stunning world class ballad - a really beautiful song". Buzz Jack
    Album version:
    Live in Tokyo:
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    Performed 'live in the studio' at Terminal Studios, London Bridge
    Magazine Gap:
    James Keen - vocals & acoustic guitar
    Brian McCook - drums
    Alex Ho - piano
    Tim Gyton - bass guitar
    Jason Keen - electric guitar
    Written by James Keen
    Musical Director: Brian McCook
    Video directed by Darren Marshall
    Edited by Ian Oakley
    Audio recorded & mixed by Nigel Glasgow
    Walk with me a while, show me how it's done
    You know it's not my style to be living on the run
    We'll find a lasting memory to warm the cockles of your heart
    It's as good a place as any we will find to start
    Operator help me please, need to make a wake-up call
    I'm getting down on my knees, I'm setting out my stall
    Like a soldier returning from the battlefield of conscience
    Slowly learning of the sequence of events
    I'd be your white knight, you'd play the damsel in distress
    We could talk to the fading light, but words won't do it justice
    No I can't stay long, so I won't be hurt
    This is our swansong, and the final word

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